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Gianni @ FutureSkillz Academy

Lead Test Automation Engineer

Welcome! I'm Gianni, and my mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge of automation testing, whether they are looking to acquire new skills, transition careers, or advance in their current profession.

My journey in the world of testing began as a manual tester. As the realm of test automation gained momentum, I swiftly transitioned into this dynamic field. Through dedication and hard work, I progressed from being a junior automation tester to a senior automation tester, and eventually, I now serve as an automation team lead.

Having had the privilege of teaching over 60,000 students (and counting!), I leverage my extensive experience to ensure that my courses provide valuable and practical insights. My goal is to help you make the most out of your learning journey. I invite you to explore my courses, and if you decide to enroll, I sincerely hope you find my content engaging and enriching, enabling you to acquire new skills and achieve your goals.

Sal @ FutureSkillz Academy

Senior Tech Professional

Hello! I'm Sal, an IT professional with a rich background spanning over 12 years in the industry. Technology isn't just my profession—it's my passion, and I find immense joy in sharing my knowledge.

Throughout my years of experience, I've sharpened my teaching techniques to guarantee that my students receive top-notch education. When you enroll in one of our courses, you can expect to leave not only with a wealth of knowledge but also with newfound confidence and skills that have the potential to transform your career. I am confident that our courses will empower you and open new doors of opportunity. I sincerely hope you find our content enriching and enjoyable.

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Welcome to our dynamic blog section, your passport to the ever-evolving realm of technology. Here, we not only highlight the latest tech trends but also delve deep into essential topics that shape the digital landscape. Discover insights on cutting-edge technologies like Selenium and why it stands poised to be a market leader in the future. Our blog is not just a source of information; it's a gateway to understanding the pulse of the tech world.

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